WEEKEND WEAR : The Traveling Pencil Skirt


Transitioning from the fall fashion scene to the winter one can be awkward. I get it. Growing up in Indiana you didn't really have a choice - it was either warm or freezing depending on the month and you just dressed accordingly. But here in the Richmond and Washington D.C. areas, temperatures aren't super consistent.
*...fingers crossed though, I'm up for some snow this year!

I went from a "business casual" 9-5 job to suddenly being an entrepreneur & having the freedom to wear whatever I want. I confess, it's taken me some time to want to get back into those "business" clothes still hanging in my closet. Some of those pieces hold specific memories and donning them revives those pleasant and/or stressful days. Have I ever mentioned that I'm pretty sentimental?...

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me. Props to her for shooting in the rain with me!)

Fun Facts: This skirt has been worn in almost every state capitol building I've visited (cue the resume of traveling for 3 years with a leadership school during high school & college). And my nails were french manicured because I was in a wedding right before this shoot!

Why it works: Pairing the pencil skirt with distressed pieces, such as the elephant earrings and vintage shoes, mixes the vintage with the urban - creating an overall look that "goes" but contains elements of surprise. I mean really, elephants? Also, while you could wear a blazer/structured jacket (for that business casual), I chose a long cardigan to keep the eye moving down and maintaining a softer look.

Mix it up: Transitioning fall to winter - a.k.a. November to December? My go-to recipe is to add a scarf & boots! And while mixing textures and colors are great for any style combination, I think it is particularly important for winter looks. It insinuates layers and coziness. You could add tights, boot socks, an an over-sized sweater as needed!

Style confessions: 1) This shirt is a tunic shirt and one that is often paired with my yoga pants. Sacrificing comfort for style is a myth and just a matter of perspective. Whenever I'm shopping I take time to ask myself, "Can this be worn for regular wear, a date, and/or sleeping?" I know. I'm weird. But versatility doesn't have to pertain to just one or two categories! 2) These boots are supposed to have that cuff rolled down. But I enjoy wearing them both ways...

|| Pencil Skirt: Goodwill (one of my best finds!). Orange lace blouse: Hand-me-down. Cardigan: Gifted. Shoes: Rummage sale find. Burgundy Tunic: Gifted. Belt & boots: Rummage sale (I think). Purse: Gifted from my mom. Infinity Scarf: Gifted. Elephant Earrings & Bracelets: Garage sale & gifted. Rings: Gifted & purchased at Lou Lou Boutique. Location: Old Town Alexandria, VA, near Henry St. Umbrella: Borrowed. ||

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

--Tara M.