Sometimes I feel like I should get double points in life for my alliterations in my titles (Scattegories, anyone?) and everyday conversations. I mean just look at that: Weekend Wear = 2 "w" words and then Seattle Street Style = 3 "s" words (raise your hand if you just geeked out with me there...)!

Anyway, remember Lauren from last week? Well she was a sweetie and photographed me after I finished her session! But I need to admit something. There were several days of my trip that I felt like I didn't pack adequately for the chilly Seattle weather! - see Waterfall Vibes where I wore a million layers. Pretty sure I wore the same sweater under or over other layers everyday. And well, this day was no different. In fact, I had to borrow a sweater from another girlfriend, Brenn, accompanying the shoot (her session to come later) to keep from shivering as I photographed Lauren! Naturally, I left it on for my own close up (and yes, I've already tried to convince Brenn that she should just let me keep her sweater. Feel free to agree with me in the comments *cough)!...

(Photos by Lauren, edited by me)

I've always been a fan of floral dresses with tights and oversized sweaters. In fact, I was sad I didn't have one for this shoot. So when Brenn offered it to my shivering self, I couldn't have been more thrilled! This street style is perfect for weekend brunching and shopping - which, ironically, is exactly what happened!

Why it works: The dress is simple, yet tailored closely in at the waist. This allows for a loose option (i.e. Brenn's super cozy sweater) as an outer layer. I also could have cinched it in with a belt over both layers for an entirely different look. I pinned my hair over to one side to highlight wooden earrings and winged eyeliner. Sometimes it's all about the little details - rings, watch, and eyeliner - that make an outfit pop!

Mix it up: This one was my original outfit - ha! So really, it was the over-sized sweater I borrowed that made two different looks possible. Simply put, I just swapped out the style and color of the cardigan! I love how endless possibilities can come with such a simple dress! You may remember this dress from my Kansas City Weekend Wear this past spring. See that post for more mix it up options here!

I'm so happy we are finally moving into fall weather because not only is it my favorite season, but also one that I have most fun with stylistically!!! Layers, boots, scarves and fuzzy socks provide so many options for mix it up looks with any basic piece in your wardrobe!

|| Dress: Forever 21, clearanced. Tights & Socks: Gifted. Gray Cardigan: Borrowed (purchased at Banana Republic, on sale) from Brenn. Tan Cardigan: Gifted. Boots: Old Navy, with coupon. Earrings: County Market Grocery Store, on sale. Watch & Ring: Gifted & Thrifted. Location: Downtown Seattle, Washington. ||

What is your favorite fall accessory? Happy Friday!

--Tara M.