WEEKEND WEAR [Traveling Edition] : Confidence + Packing Tips


A few texts to friends lamenting that I had no idea what to pack ensued. I've made this trip countless times now. And duh, I didn't want to pack the SAME things (because yes, I remember what I've worn on every KC trip) again. That might seem high maintenance to you, but I'm just being real...

And as I looked at the pile of laundry needing to be folded and I heard the mellow tunes playing on my Spotify I remembered: Keep it simple. That was your 2016 goal, Tara. Simplify.

A friend reminded me that even if I wore a trash bag, Stephen would still think I looked great. And sometimes, you just need that little boost of confidence.

Packing 101:

  • Do laundry. Then lay out all the things you're considering as viable style options.
  • Look for similar colors - making mix & matching easier
  • Fold intentionally to avoid wrinkles
  • Gather smaller items (jewelry, hair clips, belts, etc) into smaller clutches

I put all of my heavier items - a.k.a. shoes - on the "bottom" of the suitcase (wheels end) so that they don't crash into my clothes as I pull it. I always roll my jeans & tank tops. And I put toiletries in the center (again, weight distribution), for easy use.

Stack similar colors together (like you would organize your closet) for easy finding. I use this order:

  • Shirts - long sleeve to tank & color coordinated
  • Pjs
  • Shorts, skirts, & dresses
  • Cardigans
  • Jackets & Ziploc bag items are added last & then I secure everything with the straps

So here's me & you. Keeping it simple.
Talking over coffee before you go to work or head to the airport.
And me saying, girl. You look great! 

I'm off to DC for a wedding tomorrow & then an early flight to KCMO to see my guyyyy. What are your weekend plans?

--Tara M.