WEEKEND WEAR [Traveling Edition] : Flower Trucks & Felt Hats || Nashville, Tennessee


So how did you do?
With the case of overwhelm, I mean. 
Did you stand up, make tea, or practice yoga?
(See what the heck I'm referring to here: Why You're Worth It)...

Our trip to Nashville was full of so many happy things: Coffee with friends we hadn't seen in a few years, cookouts, go kart racing and putt putt with the family, and exploring the parts of town where the cool cats hang out.

I digress...
Weekend Wear took a holy-crap-it's-90-degrees-outside necessary turn. Meaning, the lightest fabrics & as few accessories as is possible type of style. The hair was up and tucked in.

And in case you were wondering,
a new hat and purse
can make a girl feel like the coolest on the block. 
Add a husband to the mix who unashamedly photographs you = just yes.

Also, Flower Power is real. 
And I kind of felt like I matched perfectly & found my new calling with Amelia's Flower Truck outside of Imogene + Willie's place...

But let's zoom out for a hot minute:
If you're overwhelmed, maybe you need to get out of the house, friend.
Like for real.
Maybe this weekend you need to just walk around the part of town that inspires you.

Buy a flower.
Drink a cuppa.
Take a break from planning your wedding. It WILL be beautiful. 
Give yourself a freaking break. Self care = the most radiant bride / woman.

Take a break from editing those 5,000 photos. 
A joyful creative is the one who is really winning. 

Moral of the Story:
Find inspiration in a place that has nothing to do with your actual profession. 

***Before you accuse me of being a tourist...
...sometimes I really am. Things get popular for a reason, y'all. 
And that Nashville sign was truly on my bucket list.*** 

Because when the world seems to be melting away, 
when the photos - the very thing I LOVE - pile up and overwhelm gets all stealthy-mode like,
stop and ask what really matters. 

It's different for each of us.
And that's what is so rad about life. 

For me, I am successful when I can make him smile and when I am a joyful creative who obsesses over work but also equally obsesses over living this life to the fullest. 

(Photo courtesy of random girl who happened to be a professional photographer too)

Shop This Look:

|| Olive Tank: Burlington Brands, mega clearance. Tribal Shorts: H&M, on sale. Sandals: Walmart (ha!). Hat & Purse: Vinnie Louise, gifted by bae. Location: 12th Street, Nashville, Tennessee. Amelia's Flower Truck. || 

Happy Weekending friends! 
Make it a good one...

--Tara M