WEEKEND WEAR [TRAVELING EDITION] : Jumping Off Walls in Boston


There are some people in life that you just know will always be there. Some places that will always feel like a second home. And some cities that awaken something new inside each time you visit.

I'm on the plane to Boston, Massachusetts, and it was just only a year ago (no really), that I was making this same trip. This time I'll be second shooting a wedding. Because I'm crazy like that.

Last time, I was adventuring & having photo shoots with my friends Zac and Johnny. What can I say? I'm a travel junkie. And my friends are RIDICULOUSLY photogenic. Today's Weekend Wear is a flashback...

I was in Florida, that summer in 2012, when Zac first told me of the Brothers and Craft idea. We were getting ready to go thrifting (where I found this dress) and then celebrate my 20th birthday a few days later. What began then and what has changed up to now is nothing short of remarkable.

The Brothers are, quite simply brilliant and genuine. Their creative agency, "exists to engage culture in stylish ways." With one or all four of them, there's always a laugh and burst of creativity around every corner.

Johnny, a native Mainer and now fellow Richmonder, toured Zac & I around - from lighthouses to downtown Boston. Because life is "all about the experience." We were in the city for different reasons, but we (and about 35 other mutual friends) will travel hours just to hang out.

Check out Brothers & Craft & say hullo on Instagram. Read more about their latest menswear styles (complete with Zac still jumping off of walls) here.

Well I'm taking off soon, Happy Weekending friends!

|| Style Brands coming later ||

--Tara M.