WEEKEND WEAR : Unfriend Me If You Must


I might have the pumpkin spice candle burning.
But the ceiling fan is on because it's kinda stuffy inside.
That's my present kind of awkward, non-cozy, reality.

Also, today's weekend wear is a varied take on the flat bill Stephen gave me and the croptop that's just so darn comfortable.

I just can't resist wearing it over & over.
Even at the potential expense of becoming redundant.
Or dare I admit, an outfit repeater?

*Lizzy McGuire line anyone? No? Kay.
Unfriend me if you must for that reference...

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me)

In the midst of change - seasonal or life - I find myself putting hats on. Literally. I don't know if its a slight hiding mechanism or an attempt to convince myself that all. is. good. and. well. and. in. control. Regardless, it does make me feel little more fierce and empowered. Also, boots. #happy.

There's nothing life changing - like Ingrid's new album - about today. Except the fact that it is everyday style, and for that I'm grateful & inspired. I love thinking of new approaches to fashion, be it adding mid-rings or turned down boots but it's no lie that I'm ready for Fall styles to be in full swing, you?

See another Weekend Wear take on this croptop here!

For now, here's to the weekend
of comfort croptops &
being wooed by singer-songwriters.

|| Shorts: Kohls, on sale with coupon. Croptop: Old Navy, clearanced. Hat: Gifted from Bae. Watch & midrings, gifted. Location: Old Town, Alexandria - Waterfront. ||

--Tara M.