Weekend Wear : Urban Street Style at Grafitti Falls | Mantiou Springs, CO


Last weekend I featured a simple summer style with the mountains of Mantiou Springs starring as a gorgeous backdrop. But today's look goes from the simple to edgy. Mountains are swapped for art at Grafitti Falls. And, can I just say, I've just loved exploring more of that urban side to my personality and fashion taste. Call me confused or just well rounded, but my personal style is continually evolving (it's one way I stay inspired)!..

(Photos by Stephen, edited by me)

Gosh, this place was so fun! I love all the colors. Also, I should mention that Stephen specifically positioned me away from curse words and inside the graffiti heart and warded off hippies from interfering too much with our shoot - all are appreciated for entirely different reasons. ;)

Mix it up: I kept the same statement piece (the skirt) and overall style vibes but changed the shirt. Rolling the super high waist down about an inch allowed the shirt to slouch over too. With such a structured skirt and edgier boots, I needed that softer piece to bring balance.

Also, can we just pause and state the fact that I would happily agree to be H&M's poster child?! Because I basically swoon every time I enter that blessed store...

So I went out on a limb today with an edgier urban look. What do you all think?

|| Skirt: H&M, on sale. Striped crop top: H&M, on sale. Batwing shirt: Forever 21, on sale. High-top Boots: Thrifted from a local theater warehouse. ||


--Tara M