WEEKEND WEAR : Vicariously Living One Vintage Dress At A Time


The truth is,
we’re finding ourselves on the road or in the air more times than not.

And actually,
it’s been really fun.
Tiring, yes. But the adventures we’re looking back on at just 3 months into this thing called marriage has us marveling a bit.

Richmond - Virginia, Washington D. C., Nashville, Kansas City - Missouri, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, New Buffalo Beach in Michigan, Lake of the Ozarks, and St Louis will all be a part of this first year.

Heck, this summer alone.

So what does that mean?
Piles of laundry because you’ve used up everything.

Grocery shopping in sudden spurts because you can only get so much produce before flying out again. Or can only survive so long without your own fresh pot of coffee (& creamer).

Oh, and of course
the occasional house plant watering.
My babes have become quite strong that sometimes I even wonder at their determination for living. ;) Yay ferns.

Repeat all of the above.

But you know what is also necessary for feeling rad in the midst of itineraries, timelines, & endless errands in a city you’re still getting used to? A dress.  

And maybe a polaroid.
To remind you that this life? Well it’s real happy.

So while I’m on the road (catch us behind-the-scenes over on the Insta Story) headed to Philly, why don’t you throw a dress on & re-spritz your hair. I'm over here in jeans and wish I could spritz my hair.

So help a girl out & I'll vicariously live through you for a moment. 

Because: the weekend is here. 

|| The Look: Vintage Floral Dress: Goodwill. Belt: Thrifted. Sandals: Walmart (I know, right?!). Earrings: Handmade in Haiti, gifted. Polaroid Pentax Camera: Gifted by Bae. Location: St Louis, Missouri. ||

--Tara M