WEEKEND WEAR : Waterfall Vibes


To be honest I stared at my closet in Richmond, Virginia, having no idea what to pack for my PNW adventures. I knew that I could be hiking but I also knew I would probably be visiting a good number of coffee shops. Tennis shoes and dresses both needed to be accounted for. Then there was the attire needed for assisting at a wedding and then that which is appropriate for exploration and waterfalls. Today gives you a glimpse at the latter from yesterday's dream-world shoot...

(Photos by Jessi, edited by me)

Rounding the bend and seeing this powerful waterfall AND rainbow made my eyes get all heart-shaped. I can't wait to share more behind the scenes and this actual engagement shoot, but for now, my wardrobe...

The Look: I decided that layering up on everything I brought would be a good idea after seeing the predicted temperature for the day. My black high-waisted jeans were the heaviest, yet flexible. A tank top, v-neck sweater, and menswear jean shirt for my top(s) and tennis shoes for climbing around the slippery terrain were also musts. And the hair inevitably got bigger and bigger as the mist collected on my curls. So in that regard, I went "natural." ;)

The crisp air and roar of the falls was beyond invigorating...

Style in the Pacific Northwest is all about practicality. And while I don't LOVE wearing tennis shoes, I never want to sacrifice an experience because of wearing the wrong thing in the name of fashion! Style shouldn't be a hindrance or a distraction but rather, a compliment to the environment and activity!

|| Black high - waisted: H&M, on sale. V-neck Sweater: Kohls, clearanced. Jean shirt: Rummage sale. Tennis shoes: Kohls, with coupon. Shoot Sac: Gifted from another photographer. Location: Snoqualmie Falls, Washington. ||

Can't wait to share more of my PNW adventures! Stay tuned!

P.S. Did you see the sneak peek on the Insta?!