WEEKEND WEAR : When Ed Sheeran Says You Look Good


You know something? Music really influences you and me. It affects the mood and is that perfect expression when you don't always know what to say. And as I was editing and prepping this post Ed Sheeran came on. Which means a whole lot of happy. You know the words. The ones that go, "You look so wonderful in that dress. I love your hair like that..." In that moment I knew. I knew that Weekend Wear was all that it should be today...

(Photos by Peyton, edited by me)

The Look & Experiment: I love me some simple summer dresses. Especially lightweight cotton/denim ones! It's not a new concept by now, but I used this dress as foundation piece and built up from there. My purse to inspired the rest - playing with reds, carmels, and even venturing into black accents too!

"The way it falls on the side of your neck - down your shoulders and back..."

Mix it up: I'm still on this kick of using a color story to inspire other style combinations using entirely new pieces. And with summer coming up soon, being able to mix and match is essential for making packing a suitcase a breeze.

Confession: Most days, you can find me in a top-knot-blob. I use a hair tie to secure the bulk of my hair and then if it needs help I'll add a few bobby pins to secure any rebellious curls. Or just let them fly freely. You know, whatever.

Do this: Pull out a favorite dress or blouse and maybe one accessory item like a purse or hat. Notice the colors, material, & design. Go back to your closet and pull out anything else that has those same characteristics. Mix & match on your bed until you see outfits coming together. Here, I swapped out the black in the shirt for a black belt & shoes. I also traded the leather belt for my leather shorts and denim dress for a shirt.

|| Denim Dress: H&M, clearanced. Purse: Gifted. Sandals: Walmart. Sheer Blouse: Rummage Sale. Leather belt: Thrifted. Denim Shirt: Goodwill, men's department. Leather shorts: Plato's Closet. Black belt: Gifted. Bow Flats: Can't remember. Rings & Bracelets: All gifted. ||

Happy weekending friends!

--Tara M.