WEEKEND WEAR : White Dresses After Labor Day || Georgetown, Washington D.C.


Over the years there have been many debates about wearing white after Labor Day. And originally it was donned only by those worthy of the high-end status symbol. But present day fashion emphasizes the choice of fabrics appropriate to the season over the garment's particular color. Though it should be stated that cream is widely more accepted in any season, the tradition of not wearing white after Labor Day has been thrown out the window. So today's Weekend Wear gives you permission in pulling off that white dress during your Labor Day festivities (live music in the park anyone?)!...

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me)

Why it works: Fashion gurus across the board grant permission for white-based styles as long there are thicker-chunky-heavier pieces involved. Anything like a jacket, chunky belt or necklace, and darker shoes work well in offsetting the white statement piece. For me, I paired sturdy oxford shoes and a patterned headscarf. And because the dress was so lightweight (which let's be honest, it was 89 degrees during this shoot!), I added "layers" with several bracelets and matching stud earrings.

Take it up a notch: In keeping with the advice from fashion blogs around the country, I swapped my shoes for a heavier pump (versus a strappy heel), added cheetah for my patterned piece, and went with edgier gold earrings. It could go unsaid, but using something unexpected = trendy. And really, who doesn't love a black & white and animal print pairing?! Hullo, Georgetown and a hot date night combo!

Also this year's Fall look emphasizes the importance of darker, deeper lipsticks with big, loose hair. Think 1990's without the teasing. And bam! you'll have an on point 2015 fall style. Now that I just said that, however, I went with a medium color lipstick because of the still oh so hot summer temperatures. But keep your eye out - I can't wait till I can embrace fall style fully - the lipsticks are coming!!!

Here are a few articles that give the historical background of the white fashion faux pas as well as permission to do whatever you want!

What do YOU think? Do you wear white after Labor Day? Tell me in the comments! Have a great 3 day weekend, friends!

|| White Dress: Hand me down from a friend. Silk Headscarf: Thrifted. Black Oxfords: Famous Footwear, clearanced. Black pumps: Kohls, on sale. Cheetah clutch: Gifted. Bracelets & watch: Gifted & thrifted. Earrings: Gifted. Location: Georgetown, Washington D.C. ||


--Tara M