WEEKEND WEAR : Why You're Worth It


It usually begins with a few scrolls...
Okay a lot of scrolls. And because I believe in being honest, it's that kind of morning.

The amount of work ahead today - uhhh, this morning - before leaving for a weekend trip to Nashville, seems a bit overwhelming. But I've been learning a thing or two about shifting my focus & mental state with intentionality. 

For me, that often looks like a 5 minute "distraction." But not just any kind.
Purposeful searches and/or actions.

My go-to scroll is to see what's new on The Every Girl (specifically the travel, beauty, & home decor tabs), listening to a quick TED talk, or making tea. Also, getting dressed for the day in something fresh = I feel cute = I am 110% more productive.

(Images by Jessica, edited by me)

Floral crop tops (and letting them actually be crop tops!), somethin textured, a good heel, & decent hair days. Oh, and inspirational content for that 5 minute scroll. ;) 

Changing it up:
I've always wanted to do this, but never have...
Grab your textured something - in this case, a short sleeve cardigan - and just button all the buttons. No necklace added. Just let the buttons speak for themselves & your under-layer (if needed) should be smoothing. Next, put your hair up and allow a few whispies. Because you're carefree.

Mood upgraded to happy just like that. 

In all seriousness though, I've been learning more and more that I can only control myself. I can't control what comes my way in a day sometimes. I can't control other people's moods or words, but I can change my attitude & outlook. So stressing out - though there are times to factually say that life is overwhelming - doesn't really help much. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying. Hear me out.

(DISCLAIMER **Nerd zone**) 
Did you know you can literally change your brain? Like, everything you do or encounter changes you and begins to form "routes," in your brain that over time become habits (conscious or sub-conscious). If you don't like something, you can actually work to change how you respond. The more practice, the more second nature it will become. It all has to do with your routines and what those elements within that routine trigger. 

So, when I feel overwhelm creep up...my old routine would be to dive deeper into that overwhelm. Sit there and keep reading, keep trying, hastily respond, and just let the waves of stress crash over me. Because I have to. I have to respond. I am destined to suffer, to struggle. That's how I know I'm strong. 

That. Is. So. Dumb. Guys.

Now, when I feel those feelings comin on, I literally STAND UP immediately from my desk. It's enough of a sudden shift that it distracts that routine of overwhelm (or the habit of being overwhelmed) just enough to trigger a different response. 

The trigger: feelings of overwhelm.
My new response / habit I'm attempting: Stand up. Walk a few steps. Take 3 deep breaths.

Why? Simply put, I'm reminded that, "Tara, you got this." That very action interrupts the toxic thoughts that would usually flood in and guys, my day isn't ruined anymore. My day can be successful. No matter what. 

Sometimes I have to stand up 11 times a day. 
Sometimes I add making tea, setting a timer to scroll for 5-10 minutes, getting dressed or fluffing a pillow (haha) to that stand-up-response-routine. 

All I know is that it's working. 
I am happier.
And feel more successful.

Shop this Look & Mood:
|| Highwaisted Skinnies: Charlotte Rouse, on sale. Crop top: H&M, clearanced. Heels: DSW, clearanced. Olive crocheted cardi: Goodwill. Lipstick: Sephora. Location: Lafayette Square, St Louis, Missouri. 
Mood Changing Inspo --> Book: The Power of Habit & this TED Talk. ||

Self-care is real. It's for the girl who wants the most out of life, ceases to be a victim of others hijacking her day (though real "ish" can happen, no doubt), and recognizes that she has worth. She is important. And therefore, her state of mind is important.

Positive habits take work, but you're worth that effort.
For the love all things, believe in yourself a little more this weekend, will you?...

--Tara M