WEEKEND WEAR : A Feminine Touch to Menswear


Have you ever wondered if men's clothes are truly more comfortable? I mean, I have some pretty fashionable guy friends and for a while I've kinda always wanted to borrow their clothes. You know, how Eliza, Caroline, and other girls share their closets with me. Sometimes I even ask the guys where their shirt is from - because maybe I want to go buy one! Is that awkward?

There's been some controversy over the fashion trends of unigender clothing. And I get it. But today's Weekend Wear actually features a shirt I picked up from a thrift store...in the men's department. Don't fret, I washed it multiple times before wearing it, as you should with all thrifted clothes. I just love its versatility and big-ness. With it's waffle material, yes, it's one of the most comfortable shirts I own!

(Styled photos by me, all other photos by Sarah - edited by me)

Ways to keep it simple: Tuck it in, partially, instead of belting around the waist (though I've done the latter quite a bit). For variety, add bigger earrings or a long necklace!

Take it up a notch: Whenever I pack to go somewhere, I always throw in a skirt just in case there's a play to go to, a night out on the town, or if I'm just feeling a little extra girly, I love having the option! Notice, it's the same shirt and shoes.

Tips: When you have a wide belt you can mix patterns more easily. Also think about the dresses you like in the mall - a lot of them are mixing patterns just sewn together. Apply the same logic to your wardrobe!

Mix it up: Sometimes it's fun to button it up all the way, add a chunky necklace and another layer for chillier evenings.

Tip: If your shirt has a lot going on, keep your added layer simple. With the necklace and buttons on my shirt & high-waisted skinnies, I purposefully chose a cardigan without buttons. If you don't have one of these, consider hiding a "set" of buttons by untucking or buttoning the outer layer. Then again, break the rules!

The best part is that if you only packed these items you could do an entirely new set of looks easily! It would just be a matter of swapping out the accessories, lipstick, decision to un-buttoned or button up, tuck in or partially or leave it out, etc!

|| Shirt: Goodwill - men's section. High-waisted skinnies: Charlotte Russe - on sale. Cardigan: Thrifted. Mary Janes: Goodwill. Boots: Old Navy - 20% off coupon. Vintage Skirt: Given to me. Belt: Found at a rummage sale. Vintage diamond-shape earrings: Gifted. Purse: My mom gave it to me. Necklace: Gifted. Bracelets & rings: Gifted, thrifted, or are my mom's ||

So what do you think about the guy's shirt? Would you ever wear something like this? Happy weekend!


--Tara M