Why Choosing Intentionality Keeps Regret At Bay


I'm in Kansas City.
Sitting across the table from the guy I love.
It's been over 8 weeks since I last saw him in person.
And that can wreck the heart in so many ways.

All week I've been pushing myself to "get ahead," to be on top of it all. To not fall off the face of the earth with clients, emails, and blogging while I'm away. AND to be able to unplug & enjoy this trip! But sometimes the harder I try, the more I feel behind.

It's like trying to fall asleep,
the more you focus on counting sheep
the more that dark ceiling lingers.

But have you ever seen one of those inspiration-cheesy-quotes? Like at the doctor's office or on your Facebook feed that that one friend just keeps posting like it's their job? Usually, those produce a love/hate vibe.

But then BAM, those cheesy words
leap into your knotted stomach.
And you're like, "wooooahh!" and reevaluate you're entire life...

"You cannot do it all.
But what matters is that you do what you can all with love." - A. Voscamp

And I might add, "Then move on with a smile."

So here's me.
Working intentionally on what I can get done in the time that Stephen sits across from me and writes a paper. I have 1,000's of photos to edit. And I'm grateful for every single client & story that this year has brought. I love what I do and it is hard to pull myself away from the computer sometimes. Especially without feeling guilty.

BUT, I have to ask myself: What will I relish more?
What will I regret?
What do I want to remember?
Another blog post or new memories with my fiance?

We have the power to choose. The story we tell ourselves. And the life we live. Here's me giving you permission to be empowered to prioritize. To strike the balance between good stewardship & adventuring. And today, I'm keeping regret at bay by making the most of each opportunity.

For me. That's right here this week.
In front of me. In Kansas City.
And I'm going to enjoy it all. Him. His family. And wedding planning.

What do you need to let go off (even temporarily) in order to finish this week well?

Let's enjoy life together, yeah?!
--Tara M.

[I'll be back with you all late next week. Eep! ;) ]