WINDSOR FARMS : A Spring Lifestyle Shoot


About every month I have the opportunity to photograph for Windsor Farms and their community's magazine, Windsor Living. The Windsor Farms community is full of beautiful historic homes, creative entrepreneurs, legal professionals, business owners, and individuals serving on boards or committees within the city. The magazine serves as a local newspaper of sorts and covers everything from neighborhood activities and reviews, to monthly tips and gardening.  And while my photography for Windsor Living is generally kept private to community members only, I've had a few clients give permission to post on here.

Last week, I met Laura for a lifestyle and business feature. Her life has been rich with experiences and professions. She's a Richmond native and worked as music therapist counselor for fifteen years in assisting Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffering from PTSD and substance abuse addictions. A few years ago, Laura took this passion for helping others and turned it towards the housing market by becoming a real estate agent. Apart from her job, she loves to swim, travel regularly, go tubing on the James river, decorate her home, and is an active member of Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

I could have stayed all day hearing about the pieces in her personal art and antique collections, playing with Leo - her 6 year old rescue dog - and holding her baby chicks. Also, her vintage olive green chair made my day!

Within 15 minutes of meeting Laura we were both sitting on the floor of her upstairs bathroom. And when there's a tiled floor, gorgeous window light and baby chicks standing timidly around, you know it's going to be a fun shoot to remember!

Leo, I'm sorry I lied so much. I really didn't have any treats to give you, but thanks for looking at the camera anyway!

Laura's kindness, artwork, life stories, well lit rooms, and super cute pets definitely made this shoot a highlight! I mean, did you see how fluffy those chicks were? And just in time for Easter! Have a happy Tuesday, friends.


--Tara M.